Bixby's Best started with a couple hundred of the old iconic metal buckets we hung on the maples wherever we could find them, a rusty Ford Bronco II that was retrofitted with a tank to haul sap, and we boiled in our great grandfather’s sugar shack over a wood fired red brick arch. As the business grew we ditched the buckets for networks of tubing running from tree to tree. Our local mechanic finally meant it when he said it was the last time he would pass the old Bronco for yearly inspection, so we sold it for scrap and got bigger collection and storage tanks. Ultimately our great grandfather’s shack was just too small and we built another. We now collect sap using a modern vacuum assisted network of tubing, on a 4,000 tap, 365 acre sugarbush in Bolton Landing, NY. Our sugarbush is north facing, ranging in elevation from 900-2100 feet with slightly acidic, iron rich soils that give Bixby’s Best Pure Maple Syrup its characteristic reddish hue.